Pool Controls & time clocks

Jandy AquaLink PDATotal Control, in the Palm of Your Hand
The Jandy PDA Pool Digital Assistant, brings the power and flexibility of a wireless control system to the palm of your hand. Imagine never getting out of the pool or spa to adjust the temperature, turn on a jet or waterfall. Wherever you are, virtually every pool and spa function can be performed from the Jandy Wireless PDA.


Product Features

Ultra compact, wireless, water-resistant, handheld
remote - it even floats!
Leading edge wireless technology offers a robust,
reliable communication network for a flexible and
simple installation
500 ft. range of operation - does not require line of
Lower installation costs than a hard wired system
No wiring between the equipment and the control panel - that means no trench, conduit, or indoor wiring
Simplified Windows® style drop-down menus for control of filter pump, spa switch-over, heater, solar and up to 7 auxiliary circuits with the push of just one button
2 program on/off times for each circuit
Personalized programming/labeling of all equipment and service information
AquaPure interface for control of on-site chlorine production
JandyColors pool and spa colored light interface for convenient color changing
Large backlit display of signal strength, battery charge, day, time, water temperatures plus complete equipment status
Powered by two AA batteries - average life, one pool season
One of the sub-panel power centers is required to complete a system

AquaLink RS PDA-P4 pool only or spa only w/4 relays L/ actuators #PDAP4 $448.00

AquaLink RS PDA-P8 pool only or spa only w/8 relays L/ actuators #PDAP8 $821.00

AquaLink RS PDA-PS4 pool and spa w/4 relays w/ 2 actuators #PDAPS4 $789.00

AquaLink RS PDA-PS6 pool and spa w/6 relays w/ 2 actuators #PDAPS6 $980.00

AquaLink RS PDA-PS8 pool and spa w/8 relays w/ 2 actuators #PDAPS8 $1157.00

Sub panel power center #6614-LD $499.00 

Jandy PureLink 14-Blade Salt Chlorine Generator Cell Kit - 40K Gallons $589.00

Jandy PureLink 14 or 7 -Blade Sub-Panel Power Center $725.00

Jandy PureLink 7-Blade Salt Chlorine Generator Cell Kit - 15K Gallons $399.00

See New Wireless Aqualink

All Button

One Touch

Spa Link

Pool/Spa combination control systems are designed for use with pools and spas sharing one filtration or heating system, i.e., 1 filter pump, 1 heater, 1 filter. All models include an attractively designed indoor control panel, featuring push button control and programmable digital timer for spa and pool circulation, solar control and up to 15 auxiliary circuits, depending on the AquaLink® RS model. Temperature display and digital thermostats for pool and spa, heater cool-down cycle, and automatic freeze protection are all standard. Each system includes power center bezel with built in service diagnostics, printed circuit board (*2 bezels), 2 Jandy valve actuators 2440 for pool/spa switching, water temperature sensor, and air temperature sensor. Two speed filter pump control, spa side remote capability with booster heat and temperature feedback, high and low voltage light dimming, radio remote control and telephone remote control are optional.

The Jandy Aqualink RS All Button Indoor Control Panel automatically controls pool cleaning and filtration cycles and allows indoor control of thermostats. It has custom labeling so that you can easily understand your pool system. The All Button panel features simple indoor programming and one button control means no hassle with heaters, valves or time clocks.

The Jandy Aqualink RS OneTouch Indoor Control Panels have all the features of the All Button control panel and more. The powerful OneTouch feature allows you to create an entire environment with just one button. With the OneTouch you have control of up to 32 features of your pool, spa and backyard paradise. The OneTouch is as small as a double light switch and can be flush or surface mounted. The white, paintable faceplate lets you match any decor. With a variety of models and designer finishes to choose from, the Jandy Aqualink® RS control is customized to suit your individual needs for automating and protecting you personal backyard paradise.
A standard or sub-panel outdoor power center and two Jandy valves are needed to complete the system.  New - All relays included.

AquaLink RS4 - 3 function programmable  $882.00

AquaLink RS6 - 5 function programmable  $1267.00

AquaLink RS8 - 7 function programmable  $1661.00

Standard power center #6613 $322.00 

Sub panel power center #6614 $383.00 

AquaLink RS4 - One Touch 3  function programmable  $961.00

AquaLink RS6 - One Touch 5 function programmable  $1324.00

AquaLink RS8 - One Touch 7 function programmable  $1704.00

Standard power center #6613 $322.00 

Sub panel power center #6614 $383.00 

Jandy Neverlube 2" - 3 way valve $48.00


Spa side remote switch 4 button (heater, blower, light or any extra pump) 150' $184.00

Spa side remote switch 8 button with LED display  150' cable. White $479.00

Conductor Cable - runs between outdoor power center and indoor controller.  100'  $45.00

Pro Logic™ Total Pool ManagementHayward
Pro Logic™ Total Pool ManagementWouldn't it be great if with the simple touch of a button you could control your pool and spa water temperature, lighting, pH, filtering...and more? Pro Logic™ the energy solution to complete pool automation is a scalable, flexible Total Pool Management control that makes all this reality.

Pro Logic takes the work out of owning a pool and spa. The total pool chemistry continuously senses ORP and pH levels and dispenses a self-renewing supply of fresh, natural chlorine, generated from ordinary salt and controls pH delivering the most consistent water quality possible.

It automates cleaning and filtration schedules to run at off-peak hours for significant energy cost reductions. Its off-peak programming reduces the demand on the power grid and therefore lowers the energy rate. By managing your equipment pad it reduces energy consumption by up to 75 percent. And for the ultimate energy conservation, it uses solar water heat control.

Serving truly user-friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective automation, it is also compatible with your existing equipment pad. All this provides a total tranquil get-away in your own backyard. Envision your picture perfect pool environment. Now envision Pro Logic as the brains behind your enjoyment and forget about mixing and measuring chemicals ever again.

Pick PS controller, indoor controller or Aqua Pod (wireless requires RF Base receiver kit),  
and accessories to complete your system.  The P4 system can be made wireless by choosing the pool/Spa Side Control Wireless plus the RF base receiver. 


PS-4 Pool & Spa Combination Control $976.00

PS-4 Wireless Wallmount Indoor Remote $306.00

PS-4 Wireless Indoor Table Top (white) $383.00

PS-4 Wired Wall Mount $253.00

PS-8 Pool & Spa Combination Control $1273.00

PS-8 Wireless Wallmount Indoor Remote $325.00

PS-8 Wireless Indoor Table Top (white) $423.00

PS-8 Wired Wall Mount $285.00

PS-16 Pool & Spa Combination Control $2470.00

PS-16 Wireless Wallmount Indoor Remote $361.00

PS-16 Wireless Indoor Table Top (white) $473.00

PS-16 Wired Wall Mount $325.00

P-4 Pool or Spa Only Control $651.00

P-4 Wired Wallmount Remote Keypad Indoor $143.00


RF Base Receiver Kit (one required for wireless operation) $166.00

Aqua Pod - Wireless hand held remote $375.00

Spa Side Control Wireless - 6 function - (Waterproof/Floats) $261.00

Valve Actuator - 24 Volts - 2" - $119.00

Unions & Flow Switch for chlorination $162.00

Goldline Sense & Dispense Chem. Kit 1 - PH & ORP sense, ORP dispense $580.00

Goldline Sense & Dispense Chem. Kit 2 - PH dispense $276.00


Pentair controls - IntelliTouch, EasyTouch, SunTouchPentair Controls - EasyTouch, SunTouch

Pentair SunTouch controlSunTouch Control

Simple and economical automation for heating and filtration

When your pool only has a few functions to automate, SunTouch® Control System is the perfect solution. With the touch of a few buttons, it will run your pump and heater whenever you want. Plus, you can add some additional features such as lights, an automatic cleaner or a solar heating system.

An Eco Select Choice: By automating and synchronizing equipment scheduling, SunTouch® Control Systems can optimize energy use and equipment performance, while preventing problems and waste when users rely on their memories or limited time clocks to operate or deactivate equipment.

Includes: Power center, one circuit to control filtration and two additional circuits, two valve actuators, two sensors (air & water).


  • One touch function - no complicated routine to memorize
  • Ability to program pool and spa and two additional features. All circuits in the system can control four operating schedules (maximum six total schedules per system)
  • Compatible with gas or electric heaters, heat pumps, and solar systems
  • Temperature control can be set in one degree increments
  • Supports IntelliFlo® VS 3050 and IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator

Pentair SunTouch Pool AND Spa Control System - 520820 - $423.00

Pentair SunTouch Pool OR Spa Control System - 520859 - $354.00

Pentair SunTouch Solar Control  - 520819 - $374.00

Pentair QuickTouch 4 button wireless remote - 520148 - $159.00

Intermatic Time Clocks

Digital 3-Circuit Timer Mechanism

Digital 3-Circuit Timer Mechanism P1353ME
Ideal for 2 speed pumps

Designed as part of the I-Wave system and for aftermarket and retro-fit applications, the P1353ME can be installed into almost any Intermatic enclosure and has the ability to program up to three circuits. Choose between six pre-programmed modes of operation, which include single speed pump or 2-speed pump/cleaner pump combinations. In addition, programmed modes that include auxiliaries can control pumps up to 3 HP as well as underwater, landscape, and/or fountain lighting. Countdown and override features allow cycle interruptions when pool/spa service is required. All timing and protection associated with filter pump/cleaner pump combinations and two-speed pumps have already been integrated into the software.  The P1353ME and PE153 are 120v or 240v.

Intermatic Digital 3-Circuit Timer Mechanism P1353ME $248.00

Intermatic 3 Circuit Electronic Timer with Metal Raintight Box PE153 $282.00

Intermatic  freeze sensor kit for 178PA28A $70.00

Intermatic mechanical timer in raintight box 220V for 2 speed pump T106R $118.00

Intermatic mechanical timer mechanism for T106R - 220V for 2 sp. pump T106M $83.00

Intermatic time clock
These heavy duty mechanical time switches are designed for industrial, commercial and residential applications. These time switches have the highest H.P. ratings in the industry. They provide up to 12 “ON/OFF” operations each day with minimum “ON/OFF” times of 1 hour. All models are equipped with one “ON” and one “OFF” tripper.

One clock in raintight box  $104.00

Time clock Mechanism only 220Volt $72.00

Time clock Mechanism only 110Volt $66.00

Intermatic T10000R Series Outdoor Time Clock
These pool controls feature an all-weather enclosure and contains heavy duty industrial-grade time controls. In addition, they have provisions to install switches or GFCI receptacle on the side and additional switches inside. Models accept any combination T100M, ET100M, RC2000M or PF1000M Series mechanisms. These all-in-one pool controls reduce the cost of installation while providing for custom wiring to satisfy special needs or local code requirements.

2 clocks in a box T10404R $178.00

T30404RIntermatic T30000R Series Outdoor Time Clock (sub panel)
The T30000R Series control centers reduce installation costs and provide all of the electrical requirements for any pool installation. They offer an all-in-one electrical control center which can be custom wired for a wide variety of requirements, and eliminate the need for additional junction boxes and service panels.  This control comes complete with two T104M time switch mechanisms and has provision for installing a GFCI receptacle on the side and additional switches inside.  

2 clocks in a box T30404R $229.00